The Accident Compensation Corporation ( Acc ) And Case Management Society Of America

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This essay will discuss the similarities and differences of two models of case management, this are Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and Case Management Society of America (CMSA).
Case management is a cooperative process of assessing, planning, assisting, care coordination, evaluating, and advocating for options to facilitate and meet a client and/ or family 's comprehensive health needs, this is achieved through communication and finding cost effective resources available to help promote the quality of a person’s life (CMSA, 1990).
New Zealand healthcare has a system that deals with accident and compensation only, this organisation was founded in 1974 and it’s called ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation). ACC deals with New Zealand’s accident or injury by helping treat and rehabilitate the affected claimant. ACC organisation is funded by the tax through employers and employees and car servicing such as registration (ACC, 2014). They cover injuries from, workers, non-workers, children, students and visitors to New Zealand. They use a system called ‘Eos’, manual entering the client’s information and ‘CHIPS’ an internal online services used by the case managers, they refer to it when they want to find guideline information, policies and procedures (ACC, 2014).
Case Management Society of America (CMSA) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1990, it’s a leading membership professional system advocating for patients. They provide evidence based resources and tools,…
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