The Accidental Billionaires By Ben Mezrich

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Facebook was created in 2004 on the Harvard University Campus by one of its own students: Mark Zuckerberg. First restricted to students of Harvard’s University, it is then opened to other American universities before becoming accessible to all by September 2006. Since June 2015, 1.49 billion of people are registered on this website. This social network is now part of everyday life for nearly one fifth of the world population, it has redefined how we connect and communicate in the 21st century. It is therefore normal that a movie was devoted to its creation and expansion. David Fincher, based on the book by Ben Mezrich, “The Accidental Billionaires”, directed the movie. The first scene takes place in a bar where Mark Zuckerberg, a young…show more content…
Returning into his room Mark sees his friend, Eduardo Saverin and tells him the idea of a project called “The Facebook”, a social network site exclusively for Harvard students. He says it could boost the popularity of Facemash. When the site is launched, the Winklevoss twins and their partner and friend Narendra, are convinced Zuckerberg stole their idea. They want to sue Mark in justice. The story, a fiction but based on a true story, is made of flashbacks, and in parallel shows the development of Facebook and the two trials that oppose Mark Zuckerberg, firstly to the Winklevoss twins, and secondly to Eduardo. This film emphasizes the creation of this start-up that is Facebook, with its successes and failures. We are going to discuss the beginning of Facebook as an innovative start-up, the role of Mark’s different partners: Eduardo Saverin and Sean Parker in the development of the website, and the depositions and testimony over the ownership and business dealing with various lawsuits of Facebook from the Winklevoss twins. A start-up is a young company with high growth potential and which requires mostly a fundraiser. That is what Facebook and the film is about, a brilliant idea, made possible by Mark Zuckerberg and a fundraiser of $1,000. At the beginning Mark created Facemash to get over his break-up with his girlfriend, but it proved to be a smart concept. Shortly after
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