The Accidental Universe By Alan Lightman

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Lightman’s Ideology Throughout, the book, The Accidental Universe, Alan Lightman the author of the book discusses a number of ideas ranging from, how the world came to be, to the multiverse, as well as other various ideas and his thoughts on them. Consistently throughout the book, Lightman was wishy-washy and it appeared he was trying to please both Atheists, as well as religious people. However, his key idea stays prevalent throughout the entirety of the book. The idea being that this universe came to fruition accidentally, out of nothing. In his chapter titled The Temporary Universe, Lightman explores the knowledge in today’s world regarding how temporary our universe is. How someday, no matter what we as humans do, the world will…show more content…
No part of me would be fearful at all in that moment because I have faith in my eternity in heaven with Jesus. I would actually be really excited to see that because this world is a messed up place, with messed up people. We as humans are all messed up, I am no better than the rest. But, I know Christ died on the cross and rose again so that one day I could be saved. For whoever beliefs in him shall not perish and should have ever lasting life forever. Lightman uses the example of his eldest daughter’s wedding to show that at times humans want moments to last forever. Saying that we as humans long so bad to have permanence. Whether it be one moment or a legacy lasting eternally. However, it is not possible and no matter what we do permanence will never be more than a want. An empty desire that we base off memories that we can recall at certain times and look back on wonderful times. That is the closest us as humans will ever get. Lightman goes onto show the science behind why the universe is temporary. Using the commonly known fact that the sun cannot possibly last forever. That someday the sun won’t be able to function as it has all these years and will combust into nothingness leaving all the planets and solar systems in an abyss of emptiness. He says we cannot possibly predict how much longer the sun will last but it will definitely not last forever.
Throughout this book, a huge emphasis has been placed on time and

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