The Accomplishments And Activism Of Anne Dallas Dudley

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Anne Dallas Dudley, left quite a legacy. Before her great accomplishments and activism that she would become well known for today, she came from a family of many achievements. Dudley learned early on about philanthropy and civic service from many generations of men in her family. Just to name a few: her grandfather, Alexander J. Dallas, was a commodore in the U.S Navy, her great uncle, George M. Dallas, served as vice president of the United States under James K. Polk where he led statehood to Texas, and her father, Trevanion B. Dallas, was an entrepreneur in the textile business in the late 1800’s
In Dudley’s early stages of life she received her education at Ward’s Seminary and Price’s College for Young Ladies located in Nashville. In
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Dudley was chosen as the organization 's first president. During her presidency, massive May Day suffrage parades were organized by the league and usually led by Anne Dallas Dudley with her children along side.
In May 1914, Anne Dallas Dudley helped bring the National Suffrage Convention to her hometown where two-thousand women march from Nashville to Centennial Park, making it one of the largest conventions held in Nashville. A year later Anne was elected head of the Tennessee Equal Suffrage Association where she tried to introduce a suffrage amendment to the state constitution but failed. A year later Anne was announced as the Third Vice President of the National Women Suffrage Association where she played a big role in advancing legislation on the issue of women’s suffrage. In 1920, Anne Dallas Dudley along with two other women, Abby Crawford and Katharine Talty Kenny, led a campaign to approve ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Finally, Tennessee became the 36th deciding state to ratify the amendment, giving women the right to vote on August 18th. After her success, Dudley became the first woman associate chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Committee and was selected as the first female delegate-at-large to the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco.
In 1930 she served as president of the Maternal Welfare Organization

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