The Accomplishments Of Alexander Hamilton

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Alexander Hamilton was one of the youngest founding fathers. He was the chief staff aide to George Washington. In his early life, he was born in the West Indies. Alexander had a lot of family problems between his father and mother and had a rough childhood. He wanted to make a change and start his life in a better direction, so he got his first job at the age of 11 as an accounting clerk. He very quickly impressed his employer by his knowledge of international commerce and how to handle money. At the age of 16 he had finally made it to America, arriving in New York. Shortly after he enrolled to King’s College know as Columbia University today.Although Hamilton was a very smart man, he often was found to be distracted from school and give his attention to politics that were going around the collines. In 1774 Alexander Hamilton wrote his first political paper that defended the patriots. Simply after he decided he was self reliant and could make his way on his own. He dropped out of college to join in the protest with the patriots who were protesting British imposed taxes and business regulations. It was very apparent to many that Alexander Hamilton was not your average man. He was a very smart minded and realistic person. Many people will forever remember Alexander and his legacies for the practices and ideas that which created what we still use today. He created the pathway in which made the stepping stones for America.
Many aspects of life that made America what is today…

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