The Accomplishments Of Edmund Kean

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Edmund Kean, one of the greatest and most historic British actors to ever live. Kean might have been born on March 17th in the year of 1789,and I say might have because no one really knows when he was born. The exact date of his birth has been a mystery for what seems like forever now, and as the years keep going, the chance of this mystery being solved becomes less and less possible. We’re at the point now where we’ll probably never find out when Edmund Kean was born, all we have is a rough estimate at the moment. He had a turbulent life and therefore he also used that to his advantage by being a turbulent genius and was recognized for his megalomania and his erotic behavior which caused him being a villain it mostly every Shakespearean play he took part in. (Britannica). Something that has actually been proven was that his birth mother was a lady named Ann Carey, she was actually an actress. His father was Edmund Kean the first, He died at a very young age after having his son. He was a reckless youth and ended up killing himself at a young age of twenty two years of age. After Kean’s death, the young boy was pretty much adopted by his fathers oldest brother, Moses Keen and his wife Charlotte Tidswell. He was a part time member of the Drury Lane Theater Comapany, and work the play named The 11th Duke of Norfolk.(Brittanica).Charlotte Tidswell really worked hard at trying to make young Kean to grow up and be a very well educated and mannered person, but her attempts
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