The Accomplishments Of Jesse Owens

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The Olympic Games were designed to be a competition of athleticism, but during World War II, they paraded their skilled athletes as trophies against other nations. Jesse Owens derailed the expectations of supremacy for Adolf Hitler through his performance. Despite the racial tension masking the Olympic Games of 1936, Owens’ accomplishments precipitated political agendas to display equality amongst all races. Hitler utilized the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games to showcase Aryan supremacy, but America included black athletes to their roster whereas 6 of them received gold medals (Thomas, 2017). Owens amazed the world by breaking records and breaking down social barriers in the face of Hitler. Despite Owens wanting to remain non political, his accomplishments sent Hitler storming out the stadium. “To the dismay of hitler and the Nazis, owens went on to win 4 gold medals-in the long jump,100-meter dash, The 200-meter dash, and the 4x100 meter relay”. altho Hitler tried to show off his german soldiers Jesse Owens showed them up with his physical talents .…show more content…
According to The New York Times, Owens endured racial derogatory remarks and mistreatments. Through dedication to his athleticism, Jesse Owens received 4 gold medals and broke 2 Olympic records during the Olympic Games. Each of the german athletes at the Olympics Games were good, but Jesse Owens surprised all of them with a stellar performance. He retired from the olympics to get paid for his physical talents. Jesse owens wasn't only shown fame at the olympics he also got awarded when he got
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