The Accomplishments Of Sam Houston

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Contrary to the typical stereotypes of Texans, Sam Houston was much more than a drunkard and an excellent gunslinger. Although, he possessed these traits as well, Houston displayed a certain level of maturity, honor, and critical thinking that most men, or even women, at the time did not own. To assume Sam Houston was a one trick pony, or only skilled in one aspect merely because of his heritage and place of birth would be an understatement, as his father was a major . The tall, handsome troublemaker did not fit in with the standard expected of boys or men during his time, however, he is one of the most revered political figures not only in Texas’s history, but also the history of the nation as a whole. Houston held numerous political…show more content…
After a few years of going to church with his family fervently on Sundays, fourteen year old Sam lost his father, which later on would describe as “Only one for passion, a military life” .
In his early life, and for the rest of it, Sam Houston’s reputation was that of a rebel and a troublemaker due to the problems he would get himself into. Subsequently, he did not work as hard or as fervently as his siblings during his childhood, whether it be on the family farm or the general store they owned in Maryland, and that particularly undesirable trait would follow him into his death. Sam ran away multiple times a child and young adult, finding himself among a new family separate to his own that he did not expect to become affiliated with. However so, he grew closer to this adopted family than his own, becoming an honorary member of this group; Houston became an honorary member of the three hundred person Cherokee tribe led by forty-five year old Chief Oo-loo-te-ka , whose name means “He who puts away the drum” in English. Houston himself stated he preferred the company of nature and the Indians to the tyranny of his brothers and did not return to his mother for more than a year later, regardless of his brother’s pleading. Eventually, after he disappeared again for another two years after returning to his home, and he lived among the Cherokees for so long that Chief Oo-loo-te-ka adopted him as his
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