The Accomplishments Of Walt Disney

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Introduction People are working hard to succeed their life, and achieve certain goals. Some people have the ability to identify their skills and function them in a right way to gain profits. There are some individuals who start from scratch to create a great accomplishment. Some examples of ambitious people inspire the world to seek their purpose and reach a fascinating results like Walt Disney. Walt Disney owns the biggest entertainment company, the Walt Disney Company, which was named Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Thus, he is considered one of the greatest successful businessmen in the history of entertainments.
Walt Disney as an Entertainment Maker Walt Disney’s passion started from an early age when he went to a theater to see Snow White. In 1919, he worked in commercial business for a period of time where he found out that he is really talented. In 1923, he established Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio with his brother Roy, and he animated what is shot by a secondhand camera. The admirable story of Walt Disney (Bio. , 2015) revolves around few words; innovation, imagination and animation. An animation is basically defined as; a reproduction of movement that is created by displaying a series of pictures or frames. The most commonly known type of animation is the cartoons. The computerized animation, these days, is one of the key components of multimedia presentation.
Barrier M. (2006) mentioned that “Disney’s aims, when he was starting out as a filmmaker, were
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