The Accomplishments Of William Faulkner

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Kenneth Clayton
Dr. Kay
ENG 102
28 November 2014
The Accomplishments of William Faulkner
William Faulkner is one of the best American authors of the early Twentieth Century. Born on September 25, 1897, in New Albany, Mississippi, Faulkner enjoys his younger years painting, reading and writing. Faulkner does not graduate from high school because school is not appealing to him. Instead, Faulkner invests his time as a carpenter, soldier, farmer, politician, businessman, lawyer, and an author. Out of his job accomplishments, Faulkner gravitates to writing. When Faulkner attended the University of Mississippi, he wrote short poetry for the Times-Picayune and The Double Dealer. It is during this time that Faulkner enhances his writing ability. Once Faulkner began to write novels, it became his passion. Faulkner publishes his first collection of poetry, The Marble Faun in 1924 (Faulkner). Faulkner’s novels are challenging to read, but not exempt from
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Faulkner uses natural analogies to bring home his point of view. The novel deals with the evaluation of modern capitalism. According to Sarah Churchwell, “Faulkner uses a stream of consciousness narration to suggest the way that Benjy’s mind flows through time: memory, reality and emotion meet, shift, and kaleidoscopically recombine”. The novel is based on values from the South. It is a novel that leads the reader down the same storyline multiple times through different characters. Because of this, it requires the reader to pay chose attention. The novel causes the reader to figure out what is taking place within the novel. The novel gives key points to help the reader piece together what the novel is saying (Churchwell). Some readers think that reading The Sound and the Fury novel without having a prior understanding is like riding in the fog without headlights. The novel can be challenging to read, but is very rewarding to the reader who completes
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