The Accomplishments of Bouteflika's Presidency in Algeria

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When he became President in April 1999, Bouteflika was in front of three enormous challenges. The first one was the result of a decade of domestic violence and insecurity. The second was the consequence of a catastrophic socio-economic situation attributed to the legacy of decades of statist economics (Bouandel 25-26). The third was the harmful product of the isolation of Algeria from the rest of the world, or what Hugh Roberts called “the virtual quarantine in which Algeria had been confined since 1994” (“Demilitarising ...” 1). In the course of his tenure, he brought about national reconciliation, recovered and reformed the stalled Algerian economy and restored what he described as “Algeria’s regional and international status”.1 Under his leadership, Algiers has become “a much sought after interlocutor in major world capitals” (Ghilès). His civil concord and national reconciliation initiatives to re-establish peace and security at home, and his projects to revive the economy of his troubled nation, and to re-integrate Algeria, one of the potentially richest and important countries in the Arab world, in international trade and diplomacy persuaded many foreign countries to mend relations with Algiers. Although Algeria’s relations with global powers continued to face difficulties, Bouteflika used his country’s significant economic potential to give Algeria a considerable importance in the eyes of all global actors.Wherever he went, he provided an overview of the investment

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