The Accordion Family By Kathy S. Newman

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The Accordion Family was written by Kathy S. Newman which was published in 2012. Newman is a sociologist who studied the trend of individuals in their twenties, moving back home with their parents. She studied this trend globally in which she interviewed different families. Her methods for her study was ethnographic interviews. From what our group interpreted from the book was that the term “accordion family” is when a household continues to grow over the years from kids continuing to live with their parents, or parents moving in with their children. Each part of the world that Newman conducts her interviews with families have their own cultural traditions. The certain parts of the world that Newman interviewed individuals were from Japan, Italy, Bra, and the United States. She was able to meet various types of people such as Katsu and Rin from Japan (Newman, 2012, p.1-2) , Kate and Lisa from the United States (Newman, 2021, p.3-9), Giovanni from Italy (Newman,2012, p.5-6), and Carlo from Bra (Newman, 2012, p.6-7). Each of the individuals mentioned all lived at home in their adult years, moved out, but had to return home for financial reasons, or returned after graduating from college. Newman touches on how money can sometimes be an issue for families. In different areas of the world housing is very cheap and families can find jobs with great benefits. Compared to other areas, housing can become very expensive, and jobs are not giving good or any benefits at all, which
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