The Achievement And Success Of Cyber Crimes

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Achievement and Success in Cybercrime
Cyber crimes refer to crimes committed against computers, computer networks of the information stored in computers (Bronk, 2008). In the past, the main problem that law enforcement officers have faced with regard to cyber crimes has had to do with the jurisdiction. With the prominence of the internet as a means communication and computers are a means of accessing information, cyber crimes have become prevalent. However, given the realisation that cyber crimes can be committed by any one, at anytime and anywhere in the world, issues of jurisdictions have been the major problem facing the criminal justices. Besides, the justice system has been confronted with traditional crimes that are carried out through the cyber systems. Today, crimes such as stalking are mostly carried out through cyber systems such as the internet. Given the complex nature of cyber crimes, most justice departments have realized that the best way t o handle cyber crimes through the use of non-tradition justice strategies.
One of the most successful ways that have been used to combat cyber crime is the media blackout of the activities of cyber criminals. In the past, the media used to depict cyber successful cyber criminals and cyber crimes as heroes and heroic activities. As a way of becoming heroes, many people have been motivated to commit cyber crimes just to attract the attentions of the press (Bronk, 2008). However, what most people failed to realize as the media
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