The Achievement Gap Among Minority Students

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The Achievement Gap among Minority Students The achievement gap in America is at an alarming rate among minority students such as African American, Native American, and Hispanic students. Among their academics, the biggest struggles are in the subject areas of math and reading compared to other nationalities such as Caucasian and Asian peers. This review will focus on whether this bridge of neglect could be identified, researched, implemented, and then corrected before these students reach the middle and/or high school levels. In addition, it will touch on the different matters that contribute to the minority student’s overall being from their home life to school. There are several factors that contribute to this “gap” in learning among minority students. There were four main factors that were identified as key concepts that were explored and organized during this literature review. The categories focused upon are: (a) contributing factors, (b) demographics, (c) proper education, and (d) how to move forward. Thus, research has proven that there are plenty of factors that contribute to the gap, however these factors will be discussed more in the literature review. Definitions Achievement gap is defined as the differences among test scores compared to minority students and their non-minority peers. “Differences between the scores of students with different backgrounds (ethnic, racial, gender, disability, and income) are evident on large-scale such as standardized tests”

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