The Achievement Gap Between Hispanic Students And Non-Hispanic

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The achievement gap between Hispanic students and non-Hispanic students is alarming due to the high dropout rates and the increasing Hispanic population in the United States. To better understand why Hispanic students dropout out of high school it is important to explore the perspectives and experiences of high school dropouts. Examining the root causes of whys Hispanic student’s drop out of high school can assist to improve dropout retention early on. As a significant number of Hispanics continue to dropout of high school annually, educational decision-makers continue to search for solutions to effectively address the high percentage of Hispanic dropouts. In 2008, Behnke, A., Gonzalez, L., & Cox, R. researched why Hispanic youth drop out…show more content…
Because Hispanics are the fastest growing population in the United States, it is critical for the development of prevention dropout programs to decrease the dropout rate and improve the quality of life amongst the Hispanic population (Reyes & Elias, 2011).
When comparing the annual income between a Hispanic student that graduates from high school and a Hispanic high school dropout, the student with a high school diploma will earn $5,747 more than the student who drops out (U.S. Census, 2010). Statistics have demonstrated that high student populations in high schools impact the learning of students, and students are more likely to dropout (Fry, 2005).
Hispanic Achievement
The amount of high school graduates in the United States is significantly less for minority students (Wagner, 2008). Less than one-third of minority students in the United States high schools obtain a high school diploma (Wagner, 2008). As the Hispanic population continues to grow rapidly, the ratio of Hispanic students enrolled in K-12 public schools by 2020 will be one in four students (Maxwell, 2012). According to Noguera & Akom (2000), the achievement gap for Hispanics is relatively transparent through their high dropout rates, college completion rates, and their low educational achievement. The dropout rate for Hispanics is approximately
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