The Achievement Habit : Stop Wishing, Start Doing, And Take Command Of Your Life By Bernard Roth

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Reasons are Bullshit
The book The Achievement Habit: Stop wishing, Start doing, and Take Command of Your Life by Bernard Roth is an appealing book. Roth was a professor at Stanford University where he taught many students. Roth has a couple key points in chapters one and two. The key point that is most interesting is Reasons Are Bullshit. As Roth said “The problem with reasons is that they are just excuses prettied up”. (The Achievement Habit, Page 39). Bernard Roth uses the statement Reasons Are Bullshit to make points about life or when things do not have enough priority they tend to be put off till the last minute, Roth makes valid points of why Reasons Are Bullshit. It really is a great argument about how his reasons are bullshit because they are not a valid reason to something of your own fault. Roth gives a sense of authority and trust as a writer by telling us the truth about why reasons are crap. When he is his own authority over himself, Roth gives excuses to why he was not there, or why he did not do that on time. Roth tells about why excuses are called reasons because they tend to get used a lot when people are finding a way out of something. When Roth writes to his readers he uses words, phrases, and tone to speak the message. Roth uses words that are spiritual, his belief of words or ones that are not quite unfamiliar but ones that we do not see every day that makes the reading juicy. Roth seems like a very knowledgeable man when he is writing about why
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