The Achievement Habits, We Read That The Road Is Not Always Straight But

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On a cold bitter morning standing in a yard watching people move about. The wind stirring fallen leafs on the ground. People hurrying to where they need to be. A thought pops in the head of the people watching the yard, why did I chose this career. This is a question that everyone thinks about as they examine the career choices. In Roth’s book The Achievement Habits, we read that the road is not always straight but curves and turns intersect it. Of all the different problems in corrections in the state of Colorado. People believe that wages are the biggest problem; I see that the biggest problem is staff shortages.
With the increase of cost of living going up every year, you would expect that the wages for employees would increase to. This is not the case. Most correctional officers go year by year not receiving a cost of living increase. The national average for wages “the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the 434,870 correctional officers working in the United States in 2011 earned an average annual salary of $43,550.” Now some would think that it is a decent wage. But remember that is a national average, in Colorado the starting salary or a correctional is “$3,308/month based on the Compensation Plan for Fiscal Year 2015-2016,” Making it annual salary of $39,696. That is a big difference from the national salary in 2011.
Now some will say that salary is good for only having to
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