The Achievement Of The Academy Awards Program For The Entertainment Industry

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The Academy Awards is one of the most watched television events, as well as one of the most dignified and pristine awards program for the entertainment industry. On February 22, 2015, the Academy Awards got 43 million viewers, making it the biggest audience in ten years as well the most-watched entertainment telecast in the decade. One of the most iconic speeches of the night was made by Patricia Arquette who proclaimed in her speech “… it’s our time to have wage equality once and for all.” Not many celebrities have spoken out about the inequalities of women, especially in front of forty-three million viewers, but gender inequality is in urgent need of solving because it is directly linked to poverty and the likelihood of never escaping it. Arquette’s speech highlights the need for awareness. Every day millions of women suffer from gender inequality, if gender equality is successful, then less women will be in poverty, overall helping. In order to fully understand why women are in poverty, one has to understand the progression of inequality from the 1800’s on. Before women started working, they ran the households or, if unmarried, became school teachers. Women were dependent on men and confined to their homes, while being responsible for cleaning the house, taking care of children, cooking, all the responsibilities of the household as well as keeping their spouses happy. Women were expected to bear children and usually having many, especially before effective modern

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