The Achievement Of The National Honor Society

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The National Honor Society is a nation’s premier organization that authorizes to recognize outstanding high school students. Yet, it contains of the four pillars which are scholarship, service, leadership, and leader. As to this, I believe that I fulfill each and every pillar that National Honor Society has founded. Scholarship is the dedication and commitment to education and learning. I believe that as a child growing up, education is the most extensive thing part of anyone’s life. Not only is it about doing well in your classes and making acceptable and superb grades, but learning about the history of how our nation has changed throughout the years and why certain things are the way it is today in our society. Education helps one achieve their goals in which they have dreamed of. With school, I have always been dedicated to maintaining a 6.5 GPA not only for colleges, but because my mother’s past of not being able to live the life she wanted to because of school gives me a high sense of motivation to achieve and do better in school for a better future. I consider myself a great scholar because I strive for excellence every day and to do my absolute best with tests and papers that are assigned. Yet, each year I have fulfilled my academics with rigorous classes that I can handle to, help me reach the true potential of a student I am but as well as preparing myself once I graduate. As into maintaining the grades, I have put a lot of time and effort into school such as…
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