The Achievements Of Isaac Newton

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Throughout History, there have been many decorated and brilliant minds that have contributed to shaping the scientific life that we live in today. One of the most influential scientists would be that of Sir Isaac Newton. Newton was a prominent philosopher, astronomer, mathematician, physicist, and scientist during the 17th century. The accomplishments completed within his life helped in contributing and shaping the fact that he was one of the single-most influential scientists of his time.
On January 4, 1643, Isaac Newton was born in the Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire, England colony. His birth date, using the “old” Julien calendar, is also shown to be on December 25, 1642. Filled with many hardships and trials, Isaac Newton lived a troubling early life. Named after his father, Isaac Newton, Sr., Newton grew up as an only child. Unfortunately, Isaac Newton, Sr., passed away three months before his son was born. After the passing of his father, Newton 's mother, Hannah Ayscough Newton, decided to get remarried to a minister and soon left her three-year-old son behind to live with his maternal grandmother. It has been noted that this experience may have left a critical sense of insecurity of Newton’s life. It wasn’t until age 12 that Newton reunited with his mother after the death of her second husband. It was during this time when Newton had begun to attend school in which he was introduced and fascinated with the world of chemistry. He was soon pulled out of school by his mother,
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