The Achievements Of The 19th Century

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Queen Victoria rose to the throne of Great Britain and Ireland on June 20th of 1837 and became empress of India in 1876 until her death on January 22nd 1901. Queen Victoria inherited a country that was facing a phase of great social, economical, technological and demographical changes as starting from the second half of the XVIII century, England underwent the Industrial Revolution (1760-1830). Due to all these changes that took place during queen Victoria’s rule, her reign is commonly referred to as the “Victorian Era”. A number of factors contributed to England’s role as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, one of the most significant being its great deposits of coal and iron ore. The Victorian Era was also a time of scientific progress and ideas which vary from Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to the Great Exhibition of 1851. The progress in engineering in the second half of the 19th century can be seen through the Universal Expositions from 1851 onwards. These expositions of industrial products reflect the direct relationship between producers and consumers of countries around the world.
The first Universal Exposition took place in London in 1851. Hyde Park was picked as the location and an international competition was launched in 1850 in search of a building that would meet certain criteria making it suitable for its intended purpose. These criteria included the economy of construction, facilities of display, facilities for circulation of visitors, arrangements for
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