The Achiever

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THE ACHIEVER – ASSIGNMENT #1 | The Achiever | [Type the document subtitle] | | Excelsior College | BUS 452 - Business Leadership | | After reading the article “7 Transformations of Leadership” by David Rooke and William R. Torbert in 2005 Harvard Business Review, I immediately discovered what type of action logic I currently possess as a leader. Although there were many action logics to look at in the article, such as the Opportunist, who has the tendency to focus on personal wins and justify their behavior as legitimate in a cut throat world; the Diplomat who seeks to please higher status colleagues in order to gain acceptance and influence by cooperating with group norms; the Experts who are secure in their expertise…show more content…
I encourage and solicit their ideas on how to improve in any area of the organization and evaluate their ideas for the betterment of our organization or group; thus, I pay attention and never belittle their ideas because in actuality, their suggestions and ideas are very helpful. I believe visions are not just derived from the leader, but also at the lowest level. I don’t treat my subordinates as if they are my servants and need to obey what I say instead I treat them as people who are also potential leaders. Lastly, in my opinion, the ability to foster a positive work environment in order to achieve personal and organizational goals entails three elements: (1) motivation, (2) rewarding employees, and (3) fostering career development. A motivating work environment enhances staff self-esteem causing people to feel like they are more, not less--more competent, more capable, and more appreciated. A concept called the Pygmalion Effect emphasizes that “the positive and high expectations of the supervisor helps mold the expectations individuals hold for their own high performance” ( By motivating employees they will want to achieve more allowing a positive work environment. In addition, I inculcate to my subordinates the value of work. I remind them that in every endeavor we do, we
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