The Aching Of Guilt Haunt

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The aching weights of guilt haunt the pride of many significant characters in Arthur Miller 's play “The Crucible”. Characters throughout that play change significantly as a result of the deaths of a bountiful of key figures. A correlation can also be made between the facts that a lot of the people that were feeling guilty in this play were the ones that were more sensible. Guilt comes within the hearts of many characters in the play and has a drastic impact on the entire Salem community, along with the occurrences in the time period of the play. Reverend John Hale, John Proctor, and Giles Corey were three characters that possessed this guilty conscience about what they had done. Reverend John Hale comes into the picture toward the beginning of the play as an example figure that heavily experienced guilt. At first, it seems that he is a very straight-laced man and has the authority to command order and justice. He is introduced to us as being someone who is powerful and has authority. It is also mentioned that he has had some experience with witchcraft in the past. We find him involved in the search to find a cure for Betty Parris and the Putnam children’s illnesses. He seems very promising and assuring that he will do the right thing, and as a reader, one would have little doubt that he will be the savior in the play. Throughout the play he is in search of the devil, and believes that he will, indeed, find Satan and rid the world of him. John Hale 's personality changes

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