The Acquisition of Knowledge

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Human beings have a thirst for knowledge, which leads to the evolution and the creation of knowledge. We gain knowledge through sense perception, reason, language and emotion. Every one of these determinants can be influenced by personal background, feelings, and incomplete methods of reasoning and so on. Therefore, this essay will be analyzing the above question through two areas of knowledge history and ethics. Knowledge, learnt today may easily be discarded tomorrow due to various reasons, of the notion of time is a bit different and today is considered as the present whereas tomorrow is understood as the future. Many examples and real life issues have shown that knowledge earned today can be discarded tomorrow, for instance on one hand history has changed from orthodox to revisionists, and on the other hand some laws created are rarely applicable.
History, the study of the past, is a great way to examine whether or not knowledge learnt today can be discarded today. In the past, this had occurred when scholars had discovered something that had been proved as different later in time. As an example, one of the main factors that led to the French Revolution and to the assassination of the French royal family is the fact that the Queen Marie-Antoinette had said that if you do not have bread to eat then eats croissants, which is a French pastry. However, it was later found that she had never said such a thing. If that had been realized earlier then the King and his family
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