The Act Of Classroom Collaboration

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One of the biggest key concepts for any professional job is to be able to collaborate. As humans we collaborate at multiple levels in our personal and professional lives. The Merriam Webster Dictionary describes collaboration as the ability to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something. In the text by Carol Kochhar-Bryant, collaboration means to work together. Within the classroom setting it is even more important to understand these basic definitions. At least two people come together for a common goal, seems simple. However, there are many barriers involved in the act of classroom collaboration. Collaborative groups are often put together in schools and businesses without a clear objective, goal, or end in…show more content…
In the past there was more of a focus on teacher working in a kind of isolation or independently, but now the focus has shifted to a cooperation idea. Cooperation between two people requires the ability to infer the others mental state (pg. 123). Therefore collaboration is a form of social adaptation. The foundation of coordinated relationships are the personal relationships of the individuals involved. Effective collaboration and coordination involves change in the way people work together. What are some of the effective cooperative methods? There are three models of co-teaching in common practice; complementary instruction, team teaching, and supportive learning. Complementary instruction is where a member of the co-teaching team does something to supplement or complement the instruction provided by the other member of the team. The co-teachers share responsibility for teaching the whole class. One takes a lead content role and the other facilitates access to the curriculum. One fall back to look out for in the complementary instruction model is “typecasting” in which the co-teacher delivering content is considered the “expert” or “real” teacher. The next model of co-teaching is the team teaching model. Team teaching is where the members of the team co-teach alongside one another and share responsibility for planning, teaching, and assessing the progress of all students in the class. Both co-
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