The Act Of Marriage Has Lost

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The act of marriage has lost its appeal for many. Why is that? The view of marriage now is that it is a contract with built in requirements, that the spouse is just another thing that can help meet the selfish needs of the individual. The spouse is just an easy, built in gratifier, so once one of the spouses feel like they are not getting their needs met, they leave the marriage. The notion that marriage is an unselfish covenant relationship has been lost from the minds of those in society and has been replaced with this selfish ideal. The result of this selfish ideal that has replaced covenant relationship results in the catastrophic dissolution of the family and the surge in failed marriages. The effect then is fear, which in turn precipitates in a loss of interest in marriage and committed unselfish relationships. So now, society has to be retrained on what marriage actually is, and what God designed it for.
What is marriage and what did God design it for?
Marriage is a monogamous, covenant relationship between two heterosexual people. A covenant relationship is “an unconditional commitment” (Balswick & Balswick, 2014, p.8). This is important to understanding what marriage is and what it is not.
Marriage is not a contract, there are no stipulations that can be broken that will dissolve the marriage except for adultery and death. Although a marriage is a covenant and unconditional the benefits and blessings of it can only be received if there is a proper…

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