The Act Of People Watching

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The act of people watching, by definition would be going into a public environment in which people are actively living their lives and simply to observe one 's interactions with their surroundings. This is typically all without permission, or knowledge of all parties involved. Locations and times play an important role in finding a diverse culture and broad spectrum of people in the public. Normal circumstances would lead us to believe between the hours of nine to five would be a slow time, however, in various circumstances this can be a vibrant time. With an Anthropological mind set, a local coffee shop boasts a wonderful venue for an afternoon of observation. The local Starbucks provides patrons a clean, spirited, and delightful…show more content…
Ordinarily the average person pays little attention to the workers in any establishment, here at the coffee shop the employees are the staple of the organization. Each employee is unique in their own way, there are visible tattoos and piercings on some, others are clean cut. The employees all act very professional and are very respectful to all consumers as they enter their workplace. The cultural background of the employees alone paints a diverse picture. The focal point of all businesses is the employees, these particular ones are all cheerful and seem to be very hard working. The camaraderie of the workers is visible from the moment someone walks in the door. They work systematically to complete the orders as accurately as possible, some work in tandem as others work individually. Nevertheless, this is a team environment, with hand signals and abbreviated words, these coworkers clearly are striving for excellence. They joke around with each other in a light hearted manner as one works the coffee machine as others are preparing the cream and milk. Consequently, Starbucks is a reputable establishment and this particular one has a great energy in the room. The subtle sounds of coffee cups being stacked pairs with the soft sounds of country and classical music. The employees all create a welcoming and comfortable place of business which is a relaxing for all who enter the shop. Patrons have the option
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