The Act Of Raising A Child By Its Parents

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Parenting: the act of raising a child by its parents. We believe there’s more to it, parenting skills play a huge role in the child’s life. How they develop, learn and see the world are all things that lead back to parenting. This topic is important because we feel that parenting skills are not a main concern nowadays. Parenting is a critical aspect in how your child will develop and thrive. People believe they are doing the right thing for their child and setting them up for success, but are they really? Interest in parenting is a topic that is fairly new. Scientist and pediatrics did not consider parenting a serious matter until the late 1800’s. Before, people would raise their children based on religious principles and philosophical…show more content…
Children working in agriculture spent most of their days harvesting crops in extreme temperatures for long hours. Because of the long hours they worked, most children in the labor force did not have the opportunity to get an education nor the time. This meant these children began working at the ages of 10-13 and continued to work their whole life without receiving an education. In the early 20th century is when it all began to change. Child labor began to decline and child labor reforms grew. During the Great Depression most jobs were given to adults and more children were able to get an education. Some might say, “Who would ever let their child endure such harsh conditions working at such a young age?” Could harsh child labor have been avoided? Most children were forced into labor because of the poverty in their households. Parents did not see the harm in sending their kids to work at such a young age and they were not aware of the importance of education. At the time it was the norm; if you did not have enough to live off of with just a father working; you would send your children off to work too. We tend to parent our children based on the social norm. Who’s to blame on this situation, should we blame the parents or society? Religion is one of the major ethical dilemmas in our present world. Studies have shown that children raised with religion are psychologically healthier than those who aren’t. Kids that are raised under a
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