The Act Of Texas And The Sunset Advisory Commission ( Sac )

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In 2013, a proposal was written by a branch of the Texas state government called the Sunset Advisory Commission (SAC). This proposal would, if made into law, deregulate 14,568 respiratory therapists (RTs) currently employed in Texas (Gaebler 6). This would mean that RTs along with 18 other programs would not have to hold a state license to practice their craft (Sunset 52). Deregulation may sound like a good idea on paper, however in practice, it is anything but. The potential negative outcomes in the form of patient harm and possible death would far outweigh any benefit. Deregulation of respiratory therapists in Texas began in the government as a proposal, was fought against by those who say the potential danger in the idea, then ended back in the government with a compromise that was written into law. In May of 2014, the SAC released a report. This report states that the commission felt that RTs along with several other professions should no longer be regulated by an agency of the government called the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) (52). One of the many responsibilities of the DSHS is providing state licensure to individuals of various job disciplines which both can and do have an impact on public health (43). The SAC brings up a few key points in the report:
First, the SAC argues that, the DSHS is under staffed and underfunded for the amount of tasks it must manage (4). The Sunset Advisory Commission’s goal in the 2014 report is to reduce operation costs

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