The Act Utilitarian Theory And Abortion Essay

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The Act-Utilitarian Theory and Abortion
Morgan Romy
Stark State College

General Overview According to our class text Doing Ethics (Vaughn, Abortion, 2015, p. 163) “Abortion (also called induced abortion) is the deliberate termination of a pregnancy by surgical or medical (with drugs) means.” Abortion in America is heavily debated in politics, religion, and family values. It seems that abortion strikes people to the core because it challenges your deepest moral beliefs. It’s a matter of terminating life, no matter the circumstances, and that is something that we all debate in our minds if it is right or wrong. Let’s talk about the legal side of abortion. Is it legal in every state? “In 1973, in the landmark case of Roe v. Wade, the United States Supreme Court ruled that a woman has a constitutional, but not unlimited, right to obtain an abortion in a range of circumstances.” (Vaughn, 2015, p. 165). So basically this means that after a certain amount of time after conception, the woman has the right to abort her pregnancy. And after the first trimester, it can be up to the state that she lives in to regulate abortion, keeping the mother’s health in mind. After feasible timing, a state has the right to deny abortion considering the fetus’ health, except when it an abortion is necessary to maintain the health or life of the mother (Vaughn, 2015, p. 165). Now that we’ve established that it is indeed legal under the right circumstances, we still have so much debate
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