The Act of Cheating

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Now imagine someone punching you in the jaw. Is it alright for you to punch back? I say that it is only fair you do punch him back. People never want to be on unequal ground with anyone. If you can get an edge you take it. Such is the way of our nature and of our current society. A good example of this is performance enhancing drugs in sports. If a player or team uses it, it gives them an unfair advantage against other teams. Most players and teams respond to this by using those drugs themselves to even the playing field. It’s only fair since the opposing team would have performed drastically better than them if they had not. And by using that example, it is safe to assume that we should do what will benefit us the most in the long run.
Now in the the case where you’re friend was able to obtain the answer key for the midterm exam, I would borrow it from him. When my friend offers me the chance to study from it, I wouldn’t be able to turn him down. Glaucon (428 B.C.) once said “ They say that do injustice is, by nature good; to suffer injustice, evil; but that the evil is greater than the good” (p.88). This can be broken down as saying that evil is naturally more beneficial than the benefits of being good. So someone who believes that “justice doesn’t pay” would believe that being good won’t yield as many benefits as what evil would yield. Therefore they would argue for cheating because it would result in a…
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