The Act of Persuasion

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Introduction The act of persuasion is very interesting and sometimes mysterious. Some would call it an art while others may call it a science. Either way this very important phenomenon that is practiced on many by many requires some understanding of its processes and contents in order to know the world around us in a more complete way. The purpose of this essay is to provide an in-depth analysis of the three parts of persuasion. Before discussing these parts, it is important to look at what exactly persuasion is , and what it is used for in today's practices. The three parts of persuasion will then be examined before closing this essay with an example of how e-word of mouth is taking this practice to new areas. Definition Persuasion is a controversial subject because the notion puts into question who is in control of our lives and our conscious behavior. Persuasion assumes that whatever is controlling our thoughts and emotions is somewhat up for grabs in an invisible realm of idea and notion. Persuasion is an attempt to influence in an attempt to control another's thoughts. Persuasion is deliberate and seeks a change. Persuasion can be used for any purpose the persuader desires, but within the equation requires a willing person giving both their attention and consent to the instigator of the process. Persuasion is a three way process that includes an instigating force influencing a receiving force. Who Cialdini (2001) suggested that " the frustrating part of the
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