The Action Is The Most Direct Expression

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An action speaks louder than thousands of words. We usually express our thoughts and inspirations in words to others. Words seem like can clearly express our thoughts, and more persuasive for us. Yes, it is right that words are good explanation of our mind. But, there has a way that is more quickly and easy to express your mind, the action. The action is the most direct expression which sometimes you don’t even have to say anything to impact someone. People always pick what their favorite and interesting topic during the communication. They try to skip or avoid those information against them, or they go back to oppose and overthrow those unfavorable information. What can we do if they tried to overlook the information you want to deliver to them. What we can did is to use our action to express. Moreover, for the people who with lower education, it is hard for them to use vivid and accurate words to express their ideas sometime. Thus, the better way for them is to take an action. According to “Personal Memior of Daniel Drayton” written by Daniel Drayton, he said “Actions, as everybody knows, speak louder than words.” (Page 121) he used his actions to help slaves to escape from bondage, instant of speaking in words. Daniel Drayton was born in 1802, in Cumberland County, Downs Township, in the State of New Jersey, he was not born in a wealthy family which his father is a farmer, and had nine children in the house. His mother died early when he was young, therefore, he
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