The Action Is The Most Direct Expression

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An action speaks louder than thousands of words. We usually express our thoughts and inspirations in words to others. Words seem like can clearly express our thoughts, and more persuasive for us. Yes, it is right that words are good explanation of our mind. But, there has a way that is more quickly and easy to express your mind, the action. The action is the most direct expression which sometimes you don’t even have to say anything to impact someone. People always pick what their favorite and interesting topic during the communication. They try to skip or avoid those information against them, or they go back to oppose and overthrow those unfavorable information. What can we do if they tried to overlook the information you want to deliver…show more content…
He didn’t have a higher education with the circumstance. However, he was interesting in navigation, and he started his sail and became a captain. He was being sick with yellow fever, which made him scared later that he started to pray for his sins. “The religious instructions of my mother had from time to time recurred to my mind, and had occasioned me some anxiety. I was now greatly alarmed at the idea of dying in my sins, from which I seemed to have escaped so narrowly.” (Page 11) he came into contact with religion. He was converted in a camp-meeting for pray the sins, and this change totally change his mind. “I will only add that subsequent experience had led me to the belief that the reality of a man’s religion is more to be judged of by what he does than by how he feels or what he says.” and “The change which had taken place in me, however it is to be regarded, was not without a decided influence on my whole future life. I no longer considered myself as living for myself alone. I regarded myself as bound to do unto others as I would that they should do unto me.” (Page 15)It is an important element for him in his later life, and his action that help enslave people to escape. Due to this change in his mind, he was awakened to the inequities of slavery through years of working on coasting vessels and helped a slave family escaped success. Moreover, he is a responsible person by his religious,
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