The Actions And Speech Are Protected By The First Amendment Essay

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One of the many battle grounds of debate in the U.S. currently is what actions and speech are protected by the first amendment. Since there is so much that is not directly defined in the Constitution, there is room for interpretation on whether or not certain it is protected by it. One topic in particular is supporting the terrorist group ISIS. ISIS is a group of Muslim extremist based out of Syria. Their goals are to create a radical extremist state, the caliphate, through religious violence (Abu Mohammed). This group has been shown many times on the news, either making threats or executing prisoners. They have been attacking people in the Middle East, and are now currently fighting a war against the U.S., England, and many other opponents to terrorism. Verbally supporting ISIS should not be protected by the U.S. Constitution, due to the violent and threatening nature of the group. Before the United States declared its independence from the British Empire, the colonies we under tight rule. Opposing the monarchy’s rules in any way could be considered treason. Also, there was no freedom to practice or express people’s own religions. Even the press was controlled by the monarchy’s say. The American people longed for a new system that allowed them to practice religion freely and not have to regulate their speech to conform to their government’s rules. This is one of the main reasons why the American Revolution occurred. After the colonies gained independence, they established

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