The Actions Of Heath Canada Essay

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Article Summary This article discusses the actions of Heath Canada in relation to drug clinical trials and the ability to access the information. Dr. Navindra Persaud had tried for over four years to gain access to a clinical trial for the morning sickness medication, Diclectin. In order to view the information Dr. Navindra had to sign a confidentiality agreement stating he would not share this information with anyone and also, that he would destroy documents once he read them. Dr. Navindra is attempting to get permission to publish his review of the trials so that other doctors can determine its effectiveness but has been unsuccessful. The drug is very popular with doctors in the treatment of morning sickness and Dr. Navindra wants to ensure it is effective and safe. This medication is the number one choice by physicians to treat morning sickness across Canada. Health Canada has stated doctors must “save harmless Health Canada from and against all claims.” (Crowe, 2015). Any doctor, who violates this confidentiality agreement and the terms within it, could face lawsuits from the companies that did the trial and developed the drug. Evaluation After reviewing the article it is clear that more needs to be done to create transparency in the study of drugs and public awareness. As a doctor in Canada Dr. Navindra has a right to access and study information so he can provide due diligence to his patients. If the study found that this drug was harmful to pregnant mothers,
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