Essay The Actions of Mathilde Losiel

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Life is a treasure box full of surprises that makes up the outgoing events of love, envy, joy, sorrow, and irony. In the short story, The Necklace, Madame Losiel is the wife of a poor clerk of the Minister of Education who thought about luxury (The Necklace). Since she caught the readers’ attention with her dowdy characteristics, she was also in the eye of the beholder (The Necklace). The narrator pictured her physical features by using imaginative adjectives such as “pretty” and “charming” (The Necklace). Madame Losiel was considered as a gorgeous young woman, but she did not understand the importance of life (The Necklace). She spent time thinking about how fortunate she wants to be, but did not spend time thinking about how important…show more content…
After reading about her sadness at the beginning of the story, readers would think that she would be happy since she seldom receives invitations for occasions. Well, she was excited about the ball, but ends up throwing the tickets and sighs into her unhappiness (The Necklace). Once again, she was not content about anything (The Necklace). Every time she gets upset, her husband always ask “what's the matter?” or “what's wrong?” (The Necklace). His poor heart is filled with guilt and blamed himself for not going the extra mile. He found it difficult to find the tickets and he did her a favor-like always but the favor was not good enough (The Necklace). She claimed that she did not have any formal attire to attend the event (The Necklace). But why does she need a flamboyant dress when she is already a beautiful young woman (The Necklace)? She never takes the time out to praise her husband and let him know how much she adores him. She never does any wonderful things for him to make him feel like he is her husband. It is ironic how he puts up with her dissatisfaction; after all, they have been married for many years. Luxurious materials has always got the best of Madame Losiel. She wept to her husband and begged him to buy her a new gown for four- hundred francs (The Necklace). He saved her money to purchase a gun, but he gave her the francs anyway (The Necklace). It was a must for her to get something so that she
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