The Active Audience On Pop Culture

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The Active Audience In modern communication, there are various types of culture. The most widely known of these types is pop culture. Pop Culture in short, is every meme, perspective, image and phenomena that are within the mainstream of a culture which has created an active audience. This active audience has a role in pop culture as to how it creates and defines music, movies and race in popular culture. In a culture, there will always be an active audience in the music industry. In the article “Mix it up “, it shows us how the original song from the past is then is then somewhat recreated by the active audience as an homage. An example is the song “Tainted Love“ and “Where Did Our Love“. To clarify both of these songs combined to…show more content…
In this case, it’s Elvis Presley and Big Mama Thornton where Big Mama Thornton originally recorded “Hound Dog“ to which Elvis Presley’s overshadow 's Big Mama Thornton original version. For this reason it depends on which audience the artist wants to attract because Elvis Presley attracted young teenagers during the 50’s and 60 's and this was during the post World War II baby boom from 1946-1964. To conclude the lively audience is both the consumer and producers when it comes to the music industry Movies were a relatively a recent addition to popular culture only beginning at about a hundred years ago. The reason why it’s part of pop culture is the fact that it’s an active audience. For example in Steven J. Ross’ article, he wrote that by 1910 26 million people, nearly 30% of the American population when to go watch movies per week and by 1920 it became half of the population. This shows that their action made the film industry a staple in pop culture from it early beginnings. Additionally, the active audience can control if the film be part of the mainstream or not. For instance in order for a film to be mainstream a large group of followers must come with this. An example would be the Star Wars franchise more specifically the title for the new movie. In the article“The Force Awakens? Star Wars fans wish it was 'literally anything else’“. The audience discusses have mix feelings about the title fitting simplicity and making fun of it giving different
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