The Activity Dawn Chose For This Assignment Was To Take

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The activity Dawn chose for this assignment was to take her mother, friends, and family to a fundraiser for AIDS Care Ocean State, RI’s largest HIV/AIDS services organization hosts the most fabulous, outlandish and wildly popular fundraising event for the agency, Drag bingo!
Every month of the year is themed differently and the agency encourages bingo- goers to dress up and decorate their tables per the theme of the month. Drag bingo is certainly entertaining, and a lot of fun! The cost of the bingo was $20 and included a package of twenty pages of bingo cards with nine cards per page, special bingos can also be purchased for an additional dollar, refreshments were also available for purchase or you could bring your own which is what Dawn
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Although usage of the two words has not been uniform, homophobia has typically been employed to describe individual antigay attitudes and behaviors whereas heterosexism has referred to societal-level ideologies and patterns of institutionalized oppression of non-heterosexual people
Additionally, Institutionalized heterosexism was very apparent in the film “For the Bible Tells Me So”? We meet five Christian families, each with a gay or lesbian child. Parents talk about their marriages and churchgoing, their children 's childhood and coming out, their reactions, and changes over time. The stories told by these nine parents and four adult children alternate with talking heads - Protestant and Jewish theologians - and with film clips of fundamentalist preachers and pundits and news clips of people in the street. They discuss scripture and biblical scholarship. A thesis of the film is that much of Christianity 's homophobia represents a misreading of scripture, a denial of science, and an embrace of quack psychology. The families call for love.
Subsequently, after viewing the film, several families expressed their concerns regarding the sexual preference of their children. Some

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