The Activity Of Doing Action Research Among Iranian Teachers

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Abstract Through reviewing some articles this paper has concluded that the activity of doing action research among Iranian teachers should be highlighted as well as expanded either through giving questionnaires, or participating in discussion workshops, interviewing with professional teachers, since reflection is an unfamiliar terminology among Iranian learners and teachers which has not been practically used yet. Thus, they can gain the best possible reflective and successful as well as practical and effective outcome. Teachers on the other hand have the responsibility of helping the students which could guide them to become better, autonomous learners through different procedures and ways of reflection. As the results which were…show more content…
97).the more realistic point of view people find about themselves while being critiqued by their peers , the better they can face the reality and reform themselves. Emerging the two issues of post-method condition and reflection where the teachers as practitioners are supposed to do action research by which they feasibly could develop their profession through micro strategies and macro strategies in order to solve classroom problems in recent decay is of a high significance (1994 , p .27-32 ). As Kumaradivelu (1997) argue teachers as practitioners not only should testify, analyze and do research about theories and decide about the effectiveness of theories, but also they should make available their own practice for continuous criticism and reflection (p.173) . This paper aims at highlighting the effectiveness of having reflective pedagogy and improves reflective strategy among Iranian teachers and learners as well as to analyze the effect of reflection on performance, while there is an absence of so doing in Iranian pedagogical system. The definition of reflection Dewey (1933) described reflection as “an active, persistent, and careful consideration of any belief or supposed form of knowledge in the light of the grounds that support it and further conclusions to which it tends”( p.2 ). Moon (1999) defines reflection as “a mental process with purpose and/or outcome in which manipulation of meaning is applied to relatively complicated or
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