The Actors Of Micro Environment

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Q1. Actors of Micro Environment

Company Name: The company that will be discussed is PepsiCo soft drinks. (


• Coca-cola (
• Sprite (
• Fanta (
• 7up (
• Mountain Dew (


• OXL Resources SDN BHD (Pepsi bottle)
• MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad (Sugar)
• San Soong Seng Food Industries SDN BHD (caramel color)
• Alex Manufacturer SDN BHD (pepsi can)


• Physical distribution firms: Permanis SDN BHD, Ken Hin Travel & Transport SDN BHD
• Reseller: 7-eleven, MyNews, AEON, Cold Storage
• Marketing services agencies: Falcon Agency, Vizeum Media Services(M) SDN BHD
• Financial intermediaries: Maybank, CIMB, Public Bank Berhad


• Consumer markets: Mostly teenagers, kids/children, adults
• Reseller markets: AEON, Cold storage


• Financial public: registered shareholders, computershare foreign investors, Maybank, CIMB
• Media public that carry news: Malaysian Today, New Straits Time, The Edge
• Internal: employees, volunteers, managers of PepsiCo

Q2. Macro Environment

Macro Environment Soft Drink Industry
Cultural Change
This article discussed about the impact of globalization to the teenagers in Malaysia and how the habits and lifestyle were adopted into the societies. In one part of the section, they overlook into globalization of culture and modern lifestyle and select fast foods and carbonated soft drinks as a

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