The Acts of the Apostles and Religious Intolerance Essay

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The Acts of the Apostles and Religious Intolerance The Acts of the Apostles is the geographical and political story of the development of the Christian Church under the impulse of the Holy Spirit. Although many of us may think that the issues of sectarianism are new, the Acts of the Apostles shows clearly religious intolerance over two thousand years ago. In this respect, it is comparable and informative for moral life in the twenty-first century. One of the most influential characters in Acts, who is closely linked to the issues of sectarianism, is Peter. However, before I look at his role, the word…show more content…
It is obvious that these actions are the most potent expressions of the system, but alongside this type of bold action is an array of smaller, perhaps everyday or semi – conscious attitudes, actions and beliefs, which contribute subtly to keeping the sectarianism system in place. ‘Drinking in Roman Catholic bars can seriously damage your health – watch where you drink, because I do’ (A discussion document, cards can be bought on the Shankill road) Sectarianism always involves religion. The involvement may be an historic one that has long been forgotten, but it is this origin that distinguishes it from purely political discrimination. It is impossible to argue that Peter was not involved in the issue of sectarianism but what was his exact role? What persecution did he himself suffer, or even worse, what discrimination did he himself perpetrate? And most importantly, what sectarianism did Peter help the Church overcome? Is he an example which we can portray with the aspects of sectarianism in the modern world today? Peter is an example of somebody we can learn from today, he shows the human abilities that we our self depict, for example we all have beliefs as well as Peter did and in some instances we can act upon these in an unethical way, Peter can be used as an example of someone we can look up to and admire. Matthews gospel has already

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