The Actus Reus And The Mens Rea

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Introduction Every society in which we live, from the remote tribe to the most technologically advanced culture has rules in which it operates. Most societies have written rules governing behaviour and a set of punishment for those who break the rules. These can be referred to as society’s law. The law is defined as the body of rules of conduct created by the government and enforced by government authority. Without any rules and behaviour, life in a group would be difficult, if not impossible. The circumstances surrounding the above question brings to the question of whether Gary, Jenny or Sandra are liable for Kitty’s death. Like every other criminal offence for the causation of murder to be found, the two key elements of the crime must be found. • Actus Reus • Mens Rea The actus reus and the mens rea for murder must be present but where the mens rea is absent, it is said to be involuntary manslaughter. With involuntary manslaughter divided into three types with their various elements, if the defendant justifies these elements, and the jury finds him liable to commit the offence, he is therefore guilty of manslaughter. In deciding the possible liability of each person, the actus reus and the mens rea will each have to be established, given that it is a result crime then causation has to be precisely established and also whether their conducts fulfilled the elements of any type of involuntary manslaughter. Relating Laws The actus reus of murder as defined by Lord Coke is
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