The Adams Equity Theory And Evaluating The Goal Setting Theory

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Director of SSA Utilizing the Adams Equity Theory and evaluating the Goal Setting theory, employees are in need of evaluations to assist in improving their work ethic, knowing what they need to improve, and to motivate. Directors in Social Security Administration use an effective tool to assess their employees. Case Context: A. As a Director of Classification and Organization Management (CCOM) the Department is to provide the highest level of quality classification and position management service to Social Security Administration. As a Director of CCOM, the duty is to provide the development of creative, results-driven approaches to recruitment and placement, strategic rewards, continuous learning, and employee and labor-management relations is an increasingly important function of the HR office.(OPM, GS-0200, 2000) In key to demonstrating leadership one has to also display a mastery of HRM legal and regulatory principles, concepts, practices, and techniques of either specialty, consultative skill, and seasoned judgment sufficient to provide authoritative advisory service and/or develop authoritative policy interpretations, plan, organize, and conduct research of complex legal problems that involve major areas of uncertainty in approach, methodology, or interpretation to identify appropriate courses of action.(OPM, GS-0200, 2000) As the Director I am acting as the perceiver, which consist of interpreting targets or objects, whom are my employees, as they display
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