The Adaptation Model By Sister Callista Roy

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Roy’s Adaptation Model The Adaptation Model, developed by sister Callista Roy, is a grand nursing theory that has been influential in developing research, education, nursing practice, and mid-range theories; including her own: cognitive processing and empirical work, for over 50 years. The work has been translated into multiple languages, and used by theorists throughout the world as a basis for model-based knowledge to advance nursing practice; as well as advancing the theory itself. Roy is known for continually updating the Adaptation Model; acknowledging that her best work is yet to come; yet, will most likely be accomplished by one of her students (Smith & Parker, 2015, p. 153). This paper will discuss Roy’s background, and her influences to developing the Adaptation Model; describe the model’s concepts; identify assumptions and examine the metaparadigms; and finally, describe how this theory has advanced nursing practice, and will guide my practice as a Nurse Practitioner. Introduction to the Theorist Sister Callista Roy was born in 1939, the oldest daughter of seven boys and seven girls in Los Angeles, California (Smith & Parker, 2015). Roy has had a lengthy and accomplished academic career, receiving her Bachelors degree of Arts and Science from Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angelesin 1963; completing two master programs; first, in pediatric nursing in 1966; then, sociology in 1973. These accomplishments were followed by a PhD in sociology at the
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