The Adaptation Of Donkey By Jean Baptiste Lamarck And Alfred Russel Wallace

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Adaptation of Donkey
Scientists such as Charles Darwin, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck and Alfred Russel Wallace among others who studied evolution have suggested that all organisms evolved from simpler forms to the more complex forms that exist today. They base their evidence on environmental and climatic changes. Charles Darwin claims that as the environment and climate change, so do the organisms in the affected region (Jackson & Groves, 2015). The main idea of evolution is so that the animals may be able to cope with the current conditions. If the organisms’ structure and morphological structure do not modify themselves with the changing conditions, then these animals are bound to perish. To understand the idea behind evolution,
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However, with time, they were soon located in the Arabia regions. This is said to be due to the close proximity to Northern Africa. The wild asses, however, remained in Northern Egypt whereas the domesticated spread all over the world.
Domestic donkeys are used to moderate tropical and terrestrial weather. As such, they can be found in most regions of the world. They prefer the warm and dry areas, with low and sparse vegetation.

Role of the Donkey in the Ecology The donkey plays a huge role in the environment that cannot go unnoticed. First, for the balance of nature to be complete, a given habitat must have bacteria, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, and scavengers. In this hierarchy, donkey occupies the herbivore slot as their food is mainly grass. Donkeys eat grass and produce dung, which is used by bacteria for decomposition. Also, they play a huge role as “the beast of burden,” where they help man to transport his goods from one place to another. Also, in some instances, donkeys could be used to transport man himself. My home area experiences quite warm weather conditions which allow grass to grow properly. This makes the donkeys thrive properly without any struggle. Since they are domesticated, their owners ensure that they supplement the grass with other feeds such as fodder crops. With this, their survival is secure. However, there are people who expose them to more work than they can bear.

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