The Addict Was Best Known As The Lieutenant

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The addict was best known as the Lieutenant. He lives in New York City and is a male who I presume to be in his mid forties. His marital status is perhaps married with two sons and one daughter. He worked for New York City Police and was the Lieutenant of the department. Some issues he confronted when he engaged in substance abuse was driving under the influence while on duty and anger when losing baseball bets.
2.DRUGS USED: The Lieutenant used, cocaine, alcohol, and heroin. He usually took four lines of cocaine, two through each nostril. In approximately two occasions, he used freebase cocaine. The cocaine was heated up and the vapor was inhaled. The amount he administered was perhaps two sessions during each of the two
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He also experienced several occasions of withdrawal when using cocaine. For instance, the next morning after getting high with the red-hair women, he woke up in the living room on a couch with extreme fatigue, slow movements, and instability to hold himself still. Moreover, the lieutenant engaged in substance use that was physically hazardous. He drank alcohol and sniffed cocaine while driving. He was listening to a baseball game, but got upset after realizing the team he was betting for was losing. The cocaine and alcohol altered his attitude which led him to engage in reckless driving and shoot his radio with a firearm. His occupational duties were also reduced because he is constantly using drugs. He was heavily drinking at a bar watching a baseball game he placed a bet on. Consequently, the drugs led him to pay more attention towards the game instead of actively fulfilling his occupational duties. By being able to identify six or more symptoms, the severity of his substance use disorder is severe.
Due to the influx release of serotonin alcohol produces, the cerebral cortex is damaged and impairs one 's ability to learn, make informed decisions, and retain information. Glutamate is an additional neurotransmitter extremely susceptible to alcohol. Glutamate affects memory and is the reason why some individuals experience loss of remembrance when consuming large amounts of alcohol.
When cocaine

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