The Addiction Of Technology And Technology

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Technology was anything that wasn’t around until Generation Z, as many digital natives want you to believe. In other words, no other generation or previous generation has had an appreciation of technology as much as the tech moguls of Generation Z. Unlike previous generations, as stated by Turner (2015), modish adolescents are digital natives, because they have never had the luxury of technology before the internet (p.104); nonetheless, technology has become a double edged sword. Surprisingly five to ten percent of internet users are unable to control how much time they spend online; uniquely, this is a psychological addiction as much as a substance addiction because of the social neurological stimulation of main stream media. In addition, to the yearning of positive stimuli for attention, a Rideout, Foehr, and Roberts study conducted for the Kaiser Family Foundation (2010) reports that a contemporary youth’s brain has rewired its self to multitask in order to rationalize multimedia usage; as a result, there is an increase in sleep deprivation as electronic multimedia usage exposure exponentially increases (Turner, 2015, p.106). What’s most notable is that previous generations recognize moderation between technology interaction as opposed to a contemporary youth extreme version of technology interaction. It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity, just as Albert Einstein predicted. Modern youth is changing psychologically, physically,

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