Essay about The Addictiveness of Cannabis: A Review of the literature

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ADDICTIVENESS OF CANNABIS The Addictiveness of Cannabis: A Review of the literature Zachary Gill Southern Oregon University University Seminar June 2, 2014 ADDICTIVENESS OF CANNABIS Abstract As a country, we have been fighting and struggling with the war on drugs since the turn of the century. In recent times two states, Washington and Colorado, have legalized cannabis for recreational use with the same stipulations as alcohol. It seems to be that the general public has begun to accept cannabis as a “recreational drug”. While the federal government does not recognize cannabis as a legal drug in these states, the states are allowed to govern themselves with laws passed within the state. This literature review inspects…show more content…
(Cornelius et al. paras 2-4, 1-2). Background Before examining some of the literature on the addictiveness of cannabis, it’s compulsory to comprehend the aspect of the cannabis issue. Since the 20th century, the United States has slowly been increasing the regulations on mind-altering drugs. The Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914 was one of the first broader based bans that the Congress has passed. It was put into action for a specific class of drugs for regulation. (McKenna, 2014) Later in 1937, The Marijuana Tax ADDICTIVENESS OF CANNABIS Act was placed into action following up the Harrison Act in also making it illegal to distribute cannabis without a federal stamp. Although it was impossible to obtain a stamp because there was no application process or any possible sign up for the stamp. (McKenna, 2014) This successfully outlawed and made the accessibility for cannabis tremendously lower. Looking back at the legislative action, passing these laws above, it’s safe to say that the laws have been ineffective. (McKenna, 2014) It’s a belief held by the majority of the general public and many physicians that cannabis is not addicting. This literature review focuses on four applicable articles, studies and other publications. Cannabis is considered a powerful mind-altering drug that influences the addiction circuitry in the brain in the same manner

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