The Aditya Birla Group Career Competency Model

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A series of “awareness” sessions were held subsequently, wherein managers were introduced to the ABGs concepts and principles of talent management. Thereafter there has been substantial focus on the institutionalization of this process. The introduction of Development Assessment centers (DACs), Individual Development Plans (IDPs) and talent dialogues with business heads and HR have helped in taking this process to the next level


Understanding Competencies
To be effective at each career stage, people are required to develop and sharpen different competencies and behaviors. They have developed the competency framework to provide the set of behavioral competencies which are required at different career stages.

• Each Talent Pool member must have an IDP. ¬Focus is on a developmental action plan for a period of three years. Developmental exposure is based upon talent segmentation and other emerging developmental needs. Some exposures would be considered essential and some desirable. UHR will prepare initial IDPs and engage with UH / FH for finalizing the same. UHR will implement the IDPs with the help and support of BH / UH / FH.
Objective of IDP
• To formalize and commit to the process of continuous development…
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