The Adjustments Of Alvy By Woody Allen

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The Adjustments of Alvy Over time, every one changes or transforms. Most often people transform after a traumatic incident or after a failure. Woody Allen’s film Annie Hall captures the changes of a man named Alvy Singer. Alvy is just coming out of a failed relationship to a woman named Annie Hall. Although Alvy is sad, he begins to learn from his mistakes. Alvy (played by Woody Allen) begins the film as a death obsessed comedy writer with a bleak outlook on life. He is consumed by the fear of death and the desire for physical affection. Annie Hall is the story of Alvy’s growth as a person after the relationship has ended. While sifting through the good times and old haunts of the relationship, Alvy begins to realize what he did wrong and what he can take away from the experience. As Alvy relives moments from the relationship, he realizes how he can change into a better person. The first change is Alvy’s outlook on life. By the time the film has ended, Alvy begins to live life with hope and not fear. Next, Alvy transforms from a closed off man, into an open guy. Alvy does this by trying new things and even writing about his personal life. Then, Alvy slowly begins to reach out to people in his life. As the film is ending, Alvy and Annie meet again for lunch, which helps bring closure and security to Alvy. Last, Alvy begins to come to terms with himself. He begins the film with a lack of self-confidence and an inability to let himself enjoy the world around him. But before

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